May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week

While a full month dedicated to mental health awareness is already amazing, an entire week in May is dedicated to children’s mental health! We advocate to improve supports and services for youth, and celebrate all the work that has been done to raise awareness in the past.

We celebrate the hope, strength and resilience of youth, caregivers and families. We wear green ribbons to help raise public awareness and to show our support for children, youth and young adults

Join the Green Ribbon Campaign! 

We are making a positive change and you can help!
The goal is simple: To raise awareness and decrease stigma associated with mental illness. Make the pledge to support this important cause! Here’s how you can show your support and help raise awareness:

1. Wear a green ribbon, especially during Mental Health Awareness Week in May.
2. Read up on mental health challenges, the stigma associated with them and ways you can stop it.
3. Share the information you’ve learned with family and friends.
4. Get involved in your community. Contact Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN) for local events.
5. Have your parents sign up to receive news, alerts and information from OFSN.
6. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter