During Black History Month, we come together to honor and celebrate the profound impact and enduring contributions of African Americans to our nation. The recognition of Black History Month traces back to the significant strides made in acknowledging the historical, cultural, and social achievements of the Black community. In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially recognized February as Black History Month, urging Americans to reflect upon the countless individuals whose resilience, innovation, and perseverance have shaped the course of American history.

The National Archives preserves a wealth of records documenting the African American experience, spanning from pivotal moments in the struggle for civil rights to the achievements and contributions of Black individuals in various fields. These records serve as a testament to the strength and resilience of a community that has faced challenges with courage and determination.

Black History Month provides a platform for African Americans to share their rich heritage, achievements, and artistic expressions, fostering understanding and unity. It is a time to engage in dialogue, amplify diverse voices, and celebrate the cultural tapestry that makes our nation strong. Oregon Family Support Network is committed to awareness and cultural exchange, recognizing the importance of promoting dialogue and building bridges to foster a more inclusive community.

As we commemorate Black History Month, let us all embrace the opportunity to learn, appreciate, and celebrate the diversity that has played an integral role in shaping the United States. Through reflection and understanding, we can forge connections, break down barriers, and move towards a future of unity and equality.

Workshops and Resources in February

Get ready for more learning and sharing in February – Here is some NEW information for parents and professionals! (Brought to you by the Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center)

  • Feb 6- Workshop:Join us to learn more or ask questions about genetics servicesEnglish Flyer | Spanish Flyer
  • Feb 7– The Swindells Center and the PANDAS/PANS Network are offering a special two-part information session.  *Session is available in English only.
  • Feb 13- Resource Fair: Galería de Recursos!  In-person with the Swindells Center in Newberg. Event in Spanish
  • Feb 16- Resource Fair:  Resources and More!  In-person with the Swindells Center in Portland. Event in English
  • Feb 20- Workshop: Is your child getting all the health care they need?:  Introduction to OHP benefits. English Flyer  | Spanish Flyer
  • Feb 28- Table Talk– Tall or Small:  Supporting your child to be themselves, no matter their age or size! English Flyer | Spanish Flyer

At Oregon Family Support Network we celebrate the unique diversity of Oregon communities by making a commitment to uphold Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. To learn more about our values, visit our website below.