Federal Court Ruling Supports Children and Youth with Disabilities

Children and youth with disabilities and other challenges are finally seen and heard in court; on the way to being better understood.   Disability Rights Oregon reports today that in Portland, Oregon

“on Tuesday, a federal judge denied a motion by the State of Oregon to dismiss a federal lawsuit brought on behalf of children with disabilities throughout the state who have not been allowed to attend a full day of school because of behavior….   In the ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken clearly spelled out the State of Oregon’s obligation under federal law to ensure that children with disabilities in every school district across the state receive a free and appropriate public education and are not needlessly denied the opportunity to learn for a full school day, writing:

… the State is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all children with disabilities receive a FAPE [free appropriate public education].” “

Oregon Family Support Network and our families and friends welcome this ruling.