Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Adapt Integrated Health Care, Line for Life, Oregon Family Support Network and Douglas County Education Service District held a community listening event Tuesday evening at the Roseburg Public Library with the goal of helping individuals and families navigate grief and loss.

The event featured a keynote presentation from Oregon Family Support Regional Director Lisa Butler focused on understanding the signs and symptoms of suicide, how to effectively communicate with family or friends about suicide and how to provide support to those who may be suffering.

“Oregon Family Support Network supports families who are raising kids with mental health and behavioral health challenges,” said Butler. “I’m a parent with four kids and one of my kids had a serious suicide attempt. This work with other families is super important just helping families ask the questions and get comfortable with using the word suicide and seeing possible signs.”

The presentation focused on many things including the risk factors for someone contemplating suicide, the warning signs involved and the many misconceptions surrounding the rhetoric involved with those suffering from suicidal thoughts.

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Featured image: Lisa Butler, OFSN’s Family Support Services Director 

Article and picture credit: The News-Review, Roseburg, Oregon