Oregon Family Support Network Awarded $25,000 Grant from the Willamette Health Council!

Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN) has been awarded a grant in the amount of $25,000 for the development and implementation of a new Fatherhood Support Initiative. Initially, the Initiative will begin in the Marion County, Oregon region. As a result of this grant, OFSN will launch the Nurturing Father’s curricula as part of “The Nurturing Father’s Program.”

This program is an evidence-based parenting program, specifically for fathers designed to teach parenting and nurturing skills. Each class provides proven, effective skills for healthy family relationships and child development. In addition, the program will promote connection and advocacy support for fathers navigating child serving systems.

“Evidence has shown that when fathers can be more involved and engaged in their child’s lives the outcomes for emotional, behavioral and mental wellbeing increase significantly for children and youth. We are excited to develop and grow this new support for fathers in Oregon!”, said OFSN Executive Director, Sandy Bumpus. The mission of OFSN is to work together with communities and families to promote mental, behavioral and emotional wellness through education, support and advocacy. Thus, this grant will allow the organization to continue those efforts.

As OFSN develops a more concrete path to the Fatherhood Support Initiative, more details will be released.