OFSN | Part of Oregon Families Since 1991

OFSN is the longest standing organization in Oregon with the ability to provide advocacy, support, education and direct peer-delivered services.

OFSN is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 1991, and began as a grassroots community organization providing support groups and education to families with a strong advocacy component.

OFSN serves families of youth who experience complex challenges resulting from mental or behavioral health issues. We help remove obstacles including: poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, disconnection from family, untreated mental health and addictions, as well as profound traumatic experiences.

Mission | Every family deserves to be heard and understood.

Vision |

Our purpose has remained unchanged:

  • To connect, empower and educate families in creating positive outcomes for youth experiencing significant behavioral health challenges
  • To fulfill a significant role in facilitating family and youth voice in local and state policy making

How we can help you


  • Provide referrals, technical information, training and emotional support to families in Oregon communities
  • Facilitate family-to-family connections
  • Help families to navigate systems (educational, legal, etc.) to secure needed supports and services
  • Organize community events and support groups for youth and families
  • Provide 1:1 peer support services, wraparound and/or intensive community treatment services 
  • Share current information pertaining to children’s mental health research and laws with families
  • Recommend and match families with accessible community resources in their location
  • Advocate for mental health services that your youth and others in the community deserve
  • Address needs such as: isolation reduction, stress reduction, parenting challenges, finding information about special education, respite, social and recreational resources


Click here for a PDF of OFSN’s programs and training opportunities