Oregon Family Support Network’s

Community Advisory Council!


What is a Community Advisory Council (CAC)?

Oregon Family Support Network’s (OFSN) Community Advisory Council is a working model of family-driven care. We are a dynamic group of parents and caregivers from diverse communities throughout the state working in collaboration with OFSN’s Board of Directors to understand and elevate the real-time experiences of families maneuvering Oregon’s child- and youth-serving systems.

Why do we need a CAC?

Because every family deserves to be heard and understood!

Who is included?

Parents, caregivers, and those who support them.

When will the CAC meet?

Monthly: Second Tuesday 6:00-8:00 pm on Zoom

Interested in being involved?

For English Contact Ben Ho via e-mail: benjaminh@ofsn.net
For Spanish Contact Nelva Ojeda via e-mail: nelvao@ofsn.net

How Will We Achieve Our Goals?

·One conversation at a time
·Building relationships
·Staying nimble and ever curious
·Advocating through collective action with courage, conviction, and perseverance


Guided by OFSN’s Strategic Plan and motivated by the belief that if systems hear, understand, and elevate the needs of the most vulnerable, the entire system becomes more effective and all of society benefits!

Every meeting will include a brief training to familiarize participants with the topic at hand and plenty of time for questions, comments, and creativity.
All announcements and meeting materials will be translated into Spanish and all meetings will have simultaneous interpretation.