Training Program Team


Victoria Haight | Training and Workforce Development Manager 

Victoria has 15 years of experience providing training, support and technical assistance to families of children experiencing disabilities statewide. She has served on local committees and advisory boards and served four (4) years on the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC). As a parent herself, she knows the joys and challenges of raising a child with developmental and mental health challenges. Victoria believes in using a strength-based approach for all children and families and loves “Collaborative Problem Solving”. And chocolate.




Nelva Ojeda | Cross Cultural Training Manager

My name is Nelva Ojeda, I joined OFSN in 2014. What got me to this work, is my own lived experience. I worked for DHS as a foster parent and I was the caregiver for children living with mental health and emotional behaviors. In my family, I have seen addictions and mental health. As a Latina, it is hard to talk about mental health and addictions due to the cultural stigma around mental health and the world of addictions. I have raised awareness, and what I tell others is that they are not alone. I have navigated the school system with my child, advocated for an IEP and navigated immigration services. I am a parent of 5 children. They are my strengths and motivations. I want to let every parent know that we are our children’s superheroes when it comes to advocate for them. I enjoy spending time with all my 5 kids, I love cooking, and family is important to me.


Shawna Canaga | Peer Delivered Services Trainer

Shawna Canaga is a born and bred Salem native. She has one amazing daughter, and became a grandma for the first time in 2014. Shawna’s position allows her to continue her years of work around family support and advocacy. Before coming to OFSN, Shawna worked as both a case manager for youth and families experiencing houselessness, and as a recovery specialist for the school district. She has a passion for educating and empowering others. In her downtime, you can find Shawna cuddling with her 20-lb. Himalayan cat while watching a good show, cooking for family and friends, or enjoying a day of thrift store shopping.



Candy Arnold | System of Care and Peer Coach Trainer

Candy is a wife and a mother to three children. Candy brings shared life experience to the wraparound process by sharing her experience of raising a child with significant mental health and behavioral needs. She also has had her own wraparound experience with Marion County, the statewide Crisis and Transition Program, and Supervision and Management within various capacities at OFSN. Candy feels that a family is an expert of their child and advocates for a family-driven process. Candy feels that this position has given her the chance to put purpose to the process she and her family have walked through together, and looks forward to playing a positive role in the community and helping families find their voice.   

Lane Imbler-Bremner | Statewide Trainer

Lane is the oldest of six siblings and has a large loving family. Lane was drawn to OFSN by his passion to help families and youth experiencing mental health challenges. Lane brings experience having navigated his own challenges over the years, as well as helping his family navigate systems. After graduating from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Science, Lane found a great workplace to share his lived experience and help others through OFSN. Lane loves hiking and being outdoors with his wife and two dogs.


Carol Dickey | Statewide Trainer

Carol is a parent of five children living with complex developmental trauma. Having spent much of her professional life in academics and non-profit health services administration, Carol moved into advocacy. With the objective of elevating family voice and choice, Carol participates in several systems of care committees and intermittently serves on the Legislative Committee of the Governor’s System of Care Advisory Council.

Carol is a lifelong learner with master’s degrees in business administration and psychology. She has training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, interpersonal neurobiology, neuroplasticity and contemplative practice, and currently, she is pursuing a certificate in mind-body therapy. She dedicates time to parenting with self-compassion, writing, yoga, hiking, running, gardening, and reading.